Train Crows

newMASK99Join us for our public S.C.O.L.D. crow-training workshop and artist’s reception on September 10, 2016 at c3initiative and pick up a printed cut-and-fold mask to train crows in your own neighborhood.

INSTRUCTIONS: Put together your pre-printed cut-and-fold mask, available at c3initiave and Disjecta. OR, purchase a Latex mask of a climate change denier from an internet Halloween costume shop.

  1. Go to a location where crows are known to congregate, OR friend crows in your neighborhood by feeding them at a regular time and place. (Tip: crows love Cheetos and peanuts!)
  2. Wearing the mask, approach crows holding a taxidermied crow, or a crow effigy (available from Halloween costume sites).
  3. For up to two years after the event, crows will remember the mask and share their negative opinions about humans bearing that likeness among their extended crow communities. Crows will pick the individual out from a crowded city street, publicly following and scolding that individual for up to a mile away.


  • LIVE SCIENCEHitchcockian Crows Spread the Word About Unkind Humans
    By Stephanie Pappas, June 28, 2011. The common crow knows when you’re out to get him — and he’s likely to teach his friends and family to watch out for you, a new study finds. Crows learn dangerous faces