SCOLD sticker
Species Calling Out Liars and Deniers (SCOLD) partners with crows to give animals a voice in climate-change debate by targeting climate-change deniers for scoldings by crows.


Research shows crows never forget a face, and network to share opinions about people. After even a single bad experience, crows will pick dangerous humans out from a crowd, deriding and following them for up to a mile. SCOLD enlists artists and citizens to make enemies among crows by appearing at crow gatherings wearing masks of climate-change deniers while holding taxidermied crows.

Crows will share their negative opinions among crows, while pop-up guerilla interventions and media spread the word among humans.

The first target will be Donald Trump, with actions held throughout Portland and a crow training workshop and artist’s reception held at c3:initiative on September 10, 2016, 3:00-5:00, followed by a public crow intervention, location TBA depending on crow activity.

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